Career Resource Center

When focusing on your career, it is also important to consider potential areas for growth. Are there technical skills you could develop to enhance performance your current position? What about the skills required for a position in which you would like to grow? The links on this page will help you answer these questions. Use the icons below to navigate to the different resources.

In addition to participating in HUD's yearly employee assessment, be sure to assess your skills using the HUD IDP which allows you to assess your core competencies, receive useful feedback tailored to your unique scores, and establish short and long term goals based on your results. This tool is voluntary - participation is completely up to you!

The Leadership at All Levels (LAL) assessment is a tool designed for HUD employees in GS levels 12 to 15 and the SES. Use the LAL to evaluate your leadership skills and receive instant customized feedback based on your scores. The goal is to help you identify your leadership strengths as well as any areas for continued growth.