Career Resource Center

Take charge of your career and make a commitment to a lifetime of learning! Continuous learning ensures that you are always growing and ready for new opportunities. Challenge yourself by taking stimulating training classes, and participate in developmental activities and programs.

Use the HUD Training Calendar to search for courses that will enhance your job performance, broaden your skill sets, and prepare you for advancement. Also click on the HUD LEARN Catalog to review programs, courses, and initiatives and the Leadership Journey Reference Guide for self-paced developmental information for HUD leaders.

The HUD Virtual University (HVU) provides information on academic and credential programs, and offers on-line courses, and lets you manage your own learning plan.

LISTSERV for HUD Training Announcements - HUD LEARN has an OPP for you! Stay connected and obtain registration guidance for HUD Training Courses in HQ and Field Offices, by joining the official Listserv for HUD Training.

Mentorships offer learning opportunities, expanded business networks, and can reinvigorate and dynamically transform careers. Mentors guide, coach, and encourage the development of the mentee. Watch this video to learn more about the HUD Mentoring Program. Click here to sign up for the HUD Mentoring Program.

The HUD Coaching Program empowers participants to explore possibilities, take new actions, and leverage strengths and competencies to achieve your goals. Connect with a HUD Coach to unleash your potential and begin your journey of discovery and awareness. Learn more about Coaching Opportunities.

The HUD LEARN Book Series provides the opportunity for interactive discussion on various literary topics, provides awareness of different Professional Development and Leadership books, and enhances numerous professional skills through reading and conversation.

Review our HUD LEARN BOOK SERIES BROCHURE to get an in depth look at the Book Series as a whole. Please click on the links below to view some of our past Book Series Webcast Seminars:

The Leadership Learning Maps provide HUD leaders with best-practice strategies, learning and development opportunities, suggested training curricula, and helpful information on learning tools.