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The HUD LEARN Career Resource Center (CRC) has been designed to assist you in revitalizing your career! Would you like to improve your communication skills, build a stronger professional network or enhance your current leadership capabilities? The HUD CRC has the resources you need to take advantage of the OPPortunities that await you! On this site, you will be able to find tools associated with each of the five steps in the Department’s Employee Development Strategy (EDS).

Explore the site by clicking on the buttons above associated with each of the 5 steps. Taking charge of your career is the most important part of your professional growth. Being proactive about your development helps to keep you engaged and motivated. Finding an OPPortunity that fits your needs means finding an environment where you don't just work - you thrive! HUD LEARN wants all employees to find their golden opportunities and help you take an active role in your career enrichment and advancement.

The CRC provides you with the tools you will need to enhance your current career, find a new and exciting position within HUD, or cultivate mentoring and networking relationships that inspire creativity, encourage advancement, and support continual learning.

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HUD LEARN Careers Overview Video