Career Resource Center

One major step in your career development is determining the requirements for your occupational series; specifically, the skill and experience requirements for your current GS level, and what you will need to advance within your series. HUD LEARN has developed career path guides for many of the common occupations at HUD. Each HUD career path guide contains the following:

  • Information regarding the occupation, including
  • Career overview
  • Expertise and previous experience needed
  • Key duties and responsibilities
  • Competencies
  • Career maps at each GS level
  • Typical duties and responsibilities
  • Required education and qualifications
  • Training areas and developmental activities upon which to focus
  • Work experiences to gain

Review the User's Guide to learn how to leverage the career paths for development, and prepare for the next step in your career. The user's guide offers some key questions employees should ask themselves as they review the sections of the career path guides.